Omayya Joha

Arab Caricaturist from Palestine

The following caricatures are the work of Omayya Joha, a Palestinian Caricaturist from Gaza, who works for Al-Quds newspaper. She is the first woman caricaturist in the Arab World. Her works illustrate the daily suffering of the Palestinians, their dreams, hopes and aspirations, and their unyielding will to resist the Israeli occupation. These pictures below are published with the permission of the owner. The full exhibition of Omayya Joha's work can be viewed at http://www.omayya.com


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Al-Aqsa Jerusalem



Lebanese Resistance



Israeli Massacres Awards

Awards !


Wye River Agreement Prizes

Wye River


Arab Prisoner



Synonym for Peace

What is Peace ?


Tomorrow Home

Tomorrow Home !


22 Years of Israeli Occupation

1978 - 2000


Israeli Grammar

Grammar Lesson


Palestinian State

Palestinian State


Lebanese Flag - Resistance



Palestinian Child Day

Palestine Child Day


Today's Caricature


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