Another step this website is proudly taken to bring our people together. This time it's Australia !

We urge our people around the world to help us in this project aimed at bringing us all together. If you live in any city in which you could collect and submit to us names, addresses and telephone numbers of your fellow bintjbeilis, we will truly appreciate your contribution.

This Down Under directory has been established with the help of Mr. Mohammed Beydoun and his daughter Rana of the Bint Jbeil Charitable Association - Australia. 

Bint Jbeil Charitable Association in Australia is one of the most active and well known association in Australia involves in many activities aimed for the benefits of Bint Jbeil and its community in Australia.

  • It was established in 1988
  • Publishes Bint Jbeil Telephone Directories and Calendars every year.
  • Runs an Arabic School on Saturdays free of charge.
  • Arranges two yearly parties: 1) Annual Ball - All money collected used to purchase needed equipments for Bint Jbeil, such as: ambulances, x-ray machines, pathology labs, etc., plus donations to those who need help at home. 2) Annual Picnic – Where families have a day out together.
  • Aims at having a central association for all Bint Jbeil’s social and charitable associations around the world.
  • Played a vital role in establishing a Twin City Accord between Bint Jbeil and Rockdale City, Australia.

For more information about the association or this directory, please contact Mohammed Beydoun and/or his daughter Rana Beydoun at:


Bint Jbeil Directory - Australia